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Keep your eggs safe from coop to carton with our selection of egg baskets designed to efficiently aid in egg collection. We offer wire egg baskets and accessories that are great for allowing air circulation over freshly laid eggs.

  • Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket Cone

    Egg Basket Cone

    This plastic coated cone can be placed in any round type basket, it can be removable. It allows the detergent and water used in egg washing to work from the inside out. This helps the liquid flow from the bottom of the basket to the center and aids in...

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  • Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket

    Wire Egg Basket

    The KUHL Round Egg Basket has added a hard plastic handle to this unit to provide added comfort for the user. This basket is fully coated in plastic to ensure eggs are properly cushioned. The plastic coating also prevents rusting during the egg washing...

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