Egg Washing

Egg Washing Supplies

The Egg Carton Store offers egg washing supplies designed to help you safely clean your eggs. Our offerings include: egg cleansers and detergents, wipes, brushes and foam blocker.

  • package of Egg Wipes

    Egg Wipes

    Enjoy all the convenience of household wipes in your egg cleaning! CareFree Enzyme wipes are gentle cleansers made to remove bacteria and soils from the egg after laying. The wipes are simple and easy to use on your fresh eggs.The canister contains 40...

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  • Egg Foam Blocker Wash Additive

    Egg Foam Blocker

    Egg Foam Blocker Additive. When eggs break during washing, they can produce excessive amounts of foam. Foam Blocker is extremely concentrated, FDA Kosher certified and is uniquely formulated to act quickly and remain effective for long periods of time...

    $13.99 - $46.99
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  • Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket Cone

    Egg Basket Cone

    This plastic coated cone can be placed in any round type basket, it can be removable. It allows the detergent and water used in egg washing to work from the inside out. This helps the liquid flow from the bottom of the basket to the center and aids in...

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  • Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket

    Wire Egg Basket

    The KUHL Round Egg Basket has added a hard plastic handle to this unit to provide added comfort for the user. This basket is fully coated in plastic to ensure eggs are properly cushioned. The plastic coating also prevents rusting during the egg washing...

    $33.99 - $232.20
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  • Egg Cleanser Detergent Egg Cleanser

    Egg Cleanser

    This is a great egg cleanser and replaces dish soap and harsh chemicals. Extremely effective egg cleansing detergent. The unique blend of all natural enzymes attacks organic stains and protein residue for effective removal of contaminants. For years,...

    $12.99 - $33.99
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  • Plastic Egg Brush

    Egg Brush - 12 each

    This brush is composed of a new formulated, rubber-like soft plastic. The sandpaper band is of top quality material. This brush will eliminate blind checks and cracks because there are no hard surfaces. Bulk Package - 12 Brushes: $64.95

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  • Anti-Foam Solution - 5 gal.

    Anti-Foam Solution

    Anti-Foam Solution is specially formulated to work in combination with Super CD Detergent. The combination of these two cleaning agents will yield the best possible results versus using other brands. The Anti-Foam Solution is formulated separately from...

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  • Super CD Egg Washing Detergent - 5lbs & 50lbs Egg Washing Detergent

    Egg Washing Detergent

    Super CD Detergent's formula has been developed after extensive tests in our egg washers. It is a chlorine-based detergent which will give excellent results in water with high iron content or hard water. Super CD Detergent also gives excellent results...

    $39.95 - $159.95
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  • Handle for Egg Washing Rack

    Egg Rack Handle

    Carrying handle for the TECS-EW-2 Egg Washing Rack. Allows for easy lifting and carrying of the egg washing racks. Sold separately and removable for easy rack stacking.Individually: $14.95

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  • Plastic Coated Egg Washing Rack

    Plastic Coated Egg Washing Rack

    Ideal for both collection and washing in our automated egg washer. This rack will work for both 30-egg chicken egg trays and 20-egg turkey and duck egg trays. The carrying handle shown here is sold separately; it can be removed for stacking. Also...

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