Egg Stamps and Ink

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Add a custom touch to your chicken, duck, or turkey eggs with our selection of egg stamps! Each stamp is designed with a flexible plate face that adapts to the egg's shape and a built-in ink cartridge in your choice of red, green, or black. Stamps produce a sharp, high-quality print image that dries immediately with a food-safe, boil-proof ink. With a quick soft press onto each shell, print up to 7,000 eggs per hour. Included ink cartridge is good for approximately 30,000 egg imprints. Extend the life of your stamp for another 20,000 imprints by purchasing our Egg Stamp Refill Ink.

Our egg stamps come in three price categories:
Image Stamps - $39.95 * Text Stamps - $49.95 * Logo Stamps - $59.95
Click on the image/titles below to open a window with description and pricing for each stamp.
Egg Stamps are manufactured in Europe and take up to 3 weeks to produce.
They ship via the USPS and can take approximately 7-28 days for delivery.