#8 1/2" Spiral Leg Band for Ducks and Waterfowl

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  • No 8 Leg bands fowl and poultry
  • Graph showing 1/2 inch diameter of spiral leg bands
  • 5 colors of the Spiral Leg Band (opened)
  • 5 more colors of the spiral leg band (opened)
$11.99 - $14.99


#8 leg bands fits some waterfowl and poultry with similar sized legs.
These size 8 Spiral Leg Bands measure 1/2" in diameter and are made to last. These leg bands are made from superior quality, heavy gauge plastic and are resilient, springy, non-brittle and will not fade. The round, spiral design allows for easy placement on you bird's leg and features a full overlap. Designed to stand up for long and continuous usage. 10 colors make for easy identification of your poultry.

Choose from assortment packs of 20 or 50 bands, or solid packs of 50 bands.
Fits Ducks and other birds or waterfowl with similar sized legs
Spiral design with full overlap
Many uses: Track which birds are laying; keep lineage records; easily identify birds
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