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Chicken & Poultry Feeding Supplies

Keep your birds happy and healthy! The Egg Carton Store offers automatic feeding and watering products for efficient poultry care. Check out our selection of range feeders, bulk feeders, heated fountains, water dishes, scoops and more.

  • 3-Gallon Heated Fountain

    3-Gallon Heated Fountain

    This 3-Gallon heated fountain from Kuhl Corporation has a thermostatcially controlled heater base keeping drinking water ice free without overheating the water. The fountain is refilled through the base with an easily removeable screw. Turns on at...

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  • Pop Bottle Fountain Bottle Waterer

    Bottle Waterer

    The Pop Bottle Cage Waterer is designed for convenience and economy. It lets you use a common soda bottle to hang on the outside of your bird and small animal cages. Fountain is made of plastic, and projects 2 inches through the wire into the cage. A...

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  • 1 Gallon Chick Drinking Fountain Complete

    Chick Drinking Fountain

    The KUHL Chick Drinking Fountain has proven, year in and year out, to be the world’s finest chick fount. This complete fountain consists of both the NO. 455-J plastic jar and the NO. 405-B plastic screw-on base. Holds 1 Gallon, or approximately 4 Liters...

    $22.99 - $66.00
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  • Electric Heater Base for Drinking Fountains

    Electric Heater Base

    The Electric Heater Base is ideal during the winter months in order to keep your drinkers from freezing. This unit only keeps the water warm enough to prevent freezing and will not damage plastic waterers in any way. Ideal for the use with Kuhl 3 Gallon...

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  • Fast Fill Drinking Fountain Complete

    Fast Fill Drinking Fountain

    This waterer is very popular because it can easily be filled using a hose. Just insert the hose in the top hole and fill to the desired level. This unit is 2 pieces — a pan and a cone. The cone can easily be picked off for cleaning. 1 Fast Fill...

    $25.99 - $190.08
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  • Hanging Feeder

    Hanging Feeder

    This hanging feeder is ideal for all stages of a bird's lifecycle, from baby chicks to full grown quail or poultry. It can be raised as the birds mature. Comes with cover and hanger. 22lb capacityPrice: $26.49The feed capacity is 22 lbs.

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  • Poultry and Game Bird Mosquito Free Water

    Mosquito Free Water

    This product eliminates the tension on top of the water so that mosquitoes can not land on the surface, but instead they sink and drown. Females land on water to lay eggs but both Females and Males need water or they dehydrate and die. Female...

    $7.99 - $31.99
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  • Plastic Feed Scoop

    Plastic Feed Scoop Red or White

    The 5-S plastic feed scoop has been one of the most popular for many, many years. Made of heavy duty, strong polypropylene material. Practically unbreakable, it is built with a hanger on the end so it can be hooked on nails or screws in the wall. The...

    $21.99 - $48.00
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  • 1 Gallon Quail Drinking Fountain Complete

    Quail Drinking Fountain

    Complete Quail Drinking Fountain contains both the Quail base and the standard Kuhl 455-J plastic 1 gallon jar.The smaller drinking area of the Quail base is specially designed to protect baby chicks and quail from drowning themselves, while the one...

    $23.99 - $84.00
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  • 300 lb Capacity Range Feeder for Indoor use

    Range Feeder for Indoor use

    The Kuhl 300lb. Capacity Range Feeder is the most popular range feeder on the market. It is by far the best for its size, capacity, quality and price. It is constructed completely out of strong, durable, UV-coated, heavy-duty plastic with reinforced...

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