Chicken Waterer Combo - 1 Quart Plastic Mason Jar and Base (2 Pack)

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Made In: USA
  • Plastic Mason Jar and Mason Jar Base chicken watering system
  • red bases for mason jar chicken waterer
  • plastic mason jar for chicken waterer


We've put these two great items together for you!
This combo pack includes 2 each of the KUHL Plastic Mason Jars and 2 each of the KUHL Mason Jar Bases, giving you two complete mason jar drinkers. The mason jar base features a 6" diameter and a depth of 1" with a raised center cone, and is the most popular mason jar base on the market. The plastic mason jar is made of heavy weight plastic that is practically unbreakable and holds 1 quart of water.

2 TECS-DR-10 Mason Jar Drinkers
2 TECS-DR-11 Plastic Mason Jars

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