Solar Nite Eyes

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Solar Nite Eyes Solar-powered Predator Deterrent

Keep your poultry safe with this environmentally-friendly predator deterrent system.

The idea is simple, but this concept Works! Nocturnal Predators want to hunt and feed at night without being noticed. Predators believe the flash to be the eye of another creature and feel threatened, so they stay away. Protects against owls, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, fox, bobcats, muskrats, bear, cougar, wild boar, mink, weasels and many more nocturnal predators.

The Solar Nite Eyes will operate maintenance free for years when used properly. It is not harmful to domestic pets. Units are completely sealed, protecting against moisture and are high/low temperature resistant. Red flashing LED light automatically turns on at dusk and off at full daylight.

Multiple unit locations are most effective. Download instructions for use here. Instructions will be included with your product.

Useful protection for many settings:
  • Poultry against owls, hawks, raccoon, mink, weasel, fox, coyote, and skunk
  • Livestock against coyote, fox, bear, mountain lion, wolf and bobcat.
  • Gardens, Sweet Corn, Orchards, Vineyards and Flowers against deer, raccoon and badgers
  • Campsites against bear, raccoon and mountain lion
  • Bird Feeders against raccoon and bear
  • Purple Martin Houses against hawks and owls
  • Fish Ponds against blue heron and raccoon
Dimensions: 10cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm. Weight = 80 grams
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2 Reviews

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    Posted by William Brown on Aug 29th 2012

    Seems to work great but unfortunately the paperwork got wet.Would you please send the care instructions again or email. Thanks.

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    Neat Little Device...

    Posted by Jeff Bosworth on Aug 9th 2011

    We bought two of these to prevent small predators from entering our barn and chicken coop area. I did not know when I ordered them that they had magnets that allow you to place them on any steel surface, anywhere. On the first day, the devices only got about 2 hours of sun but came on at twilight and stayed on all night. I can only assume they're working since we've not had any intrusions - so far. One suggestion would be to have a means of adjusting the light level at which the devices turn on. They come on too early in my opinion, wasting the battery power that is more valuable when it is totally dark. We like them enough that we are buying more for a friend who also raises chickens.

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