The Chicken Chick Hen Mating Saddle

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Mating by a rooster can cause feather damage, bald spots and skin injuries to a hen’s back and wings; these vulnerable areas can be protected with the use of a properly constructed hen saddle.


  • Designed for maximum protection, safety, and comfort by backyard chicken keeping author and consultant, Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®
  • Extra-wide shoulder, wing, and back coverage
  • Sturdy, lightweight duck cloth material for durability and comfort
  • Camouflage pattern provides a degree of protection from predators
  • Reinforced stitching retains fabric shape and fit during wear and washing
  • Double snaps for safety
  • Machine washable and dryable


While each hen reacts differently to the sensation of an object on her back, many will attempt to flee from it.  Attaching the Hen Mating Saddle™ is best done at night. Sleeping with the saddle on allows the hen time to become familiar with the sensation.

Unfasten saddle’s snaps then get hen from roost. From a seated position, place hen in lap with head facing you and legs dangling between yours. Rest her keel on your lap without squeezing her body. Hold legs securely by squeezing gently between yours.

Place saddle denim side down on hen’s back allowing elastics to drape over top of wings alongside her neck. While holding end of first elastic, lift one wing slightly and bring snaps to meet on underside of saddle. Secure both snaps. Repeat procedure with second elastic on opposite side. Return hen to roost.

Saddle should be worn continuously until feathers have re-grown. Hens are able to dust bathe and preen normally while wearing a Hen Mating Saddle™.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you experience any concerns with our product, such as broken snaps, please let us know so that we can correct it. We strive for complete customer satisfaction.  If you purchase a saddle in the wrong size for your hen, due to biosecurity concerns, we can only accept returns/exchanges on unopened, unused saddles.

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